Welcome to my Swancott One Name Study

Origins of the Swancott name

The name Swancott is rare, there are only around 60 listed in UK phone directories. I have found Swancotts in Australia and the USA (where the Swancutt name is also common).

The grandfather of Susanne (Swancott) Hancock did some research in 1966. The earliest record that he found was in Domesday Book which shows that Swancote manor in the parish of St. Mary Week, Cornwall was owned by Sauin (variant of Swayn) at the time of the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066. This may be the origin of the name. Other historians say that it means ‘a pool where swans were kept’. Swans were a mediaeval delicacy. Another popular meaning is a cottage of a swain, some say that it is the site of the forest court for small offences called a motte hence Swainmotte.

Another researcher (Royston Martin) thought the surname denotes the man who held or farmed at Swancote Farm in the parish of Chaddesley Corbett near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. I have found this farm but have been unable to make any connection with the surname. He believes the name to come from the Anglo saxon ‘Swan-cot’ the ‘swineherd’s cottage’ or ‘shelter’.

Variants of the Swancott name

I believe Swancutt, Swancot, Swancoat, Swancote, Swaincott and Swanscott are all variants of the Swancott name.

†See “The Swancott Family” by Susanne (Swancott) Hancock, Cronicl, Autumn 1981.