Family Trees

Family Trees containing Swancotts and variants

A Swancott family photo

Ancestors of Della Fern Swancutt

Lynne Swancott’s Family Tree

Reese/Marshall Family History


2 thoughts on “Family Trees

  1. My name is Wesley Edward Swaincott. It is indeed an unusual surname. My brother Gordon has a website at I have a genealogy going back to Philip Swancot, my great-great-great-grandfather. I don’t know much about him, but he may have been the first to immigrate to America. He may have come from Montgomeryshire, Wales and lived co-incidentally in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA. His wife, Mary Thomas, lived long after he died in 1813. It is assumed she spoke with a strong “British” accent. in one court appearance transcript her surname is spelled Swankart, the court secretary probably did a phonetic spelling.

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